William Bowden got his first 4-track tape recorder at the tender age of 16 and spent the next couple of years recording bands at school and experimenting with recording techniques including tape loops and radios. At the age of 19 he scored a job at an 8-track studio where he worked for the next 3 years as an engineer, recording and mixing local bands.

At twenty-two William landed a full-time job in the mastering department of Festival Records and slowly began to work his way up. Within three months of joining he was cutting his first vinyl records on the VMS-70 and later the VMS-80 lathes, as well as editing on the ancient 1630 Umatic CD systems of the day.

Eight years later William Bowden was chief mastering engineer and Festival purpose-built a new studio for him. He worked on a huge number of projects for both local and international artists. In 2001 Festival Records closed the studios and so after thirteen years William went out on his own.

King Willy Sound began operations in November 2001, mastering the work of many of Australia’s top musicians. In 2013 William Bowden was the first mastering engineer to share the Record of the Year Grammy, for his work on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know. (This award recognises both artistic achievement and technical proficiency on one track or single.)

The mastering room at King Willy Sound features state of the art gear from Lavry, Weiss, Fairman, Tubetech, Elysia, EMI and Manley, etc.

But in the end it’s the ears that count.

(In November 2013 King Willy Sound moves to beautiful Tasmania. Watch for an update when the awesome new mastering room is installed and ready.)